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customized luxury box
pierres precieuses monaco

The luxury of being truly exclusive

We create exceptional pieces of great value from our concepts. We also work on the basis of your artistic ideas, even the most crazy.

Real jewels made for a demanding international clientele. We personalize bottles of wine or champagne and boxes of all available sizes, enriching them with precious metals and/or certified stones.

Our creations of unique pieces are aimed at individuals and professionals who wish to differentiate themselves with a precious, unique and exclusive product, for VIP parties, Yachts, inaugurations, etc. This special service is subject to conditions



The sizes of special items we can customize

75 cl: classic bottle of wine
1.5 liter Magnum
3.0 liter Double Magnum
Jeroboam 4.5 liters
Mathusalem or Imperial 6 liters
Salmanazar 9 liters
Balthazar 12 liters
Nebuchadnezzar 15 liters
Melchior 18 liters



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